Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Latest Update

Walter & Karen Here
For everyone's information:
We just talked with Jonathan and he told us that every Lebanonese signature has been obtained. Jada's passport is in their hands. Next is the doctors appointment. It is tomorrow at 9:00. After that, is the the trip to our embassy for the visa. If they can get it tomorrow, they will head to the airport to try to come home. If not, Friday. So far all is good. Thanks for all your prayers.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Greetings from Lebanon... via California?

Hi everyone! This is Janet (Rachel’s sister). I just got off the phone with Rachel, Jonathan and Jada! Their computer has not been working so they have been unable to get online so far. However, I was able to read your comments to them today. They wanted me to say hi to everyone and to thank you for the sweet messages you have posted on their site.

Brief update: Jonathan has been taking lots of pictures of Jada and says, “she really loves her daddy.” He was able to capture Rachel seeing Jada for the 1st time on video, which was a very special moment. I know we all look forward to watching this video!!! Rachel says Jada has the biggest smile and loves to fall asleep in the Baby Bjorn carrier. Jonathan shared that “Jada is hot natured unlike her momma.” Rachel says that Jada weighs 12 lbs, has blue eyes and a “cute little, pointed chin.”

They ventured out this morning and had Jada’s picture taken for her passport. It sounds like tomorrow will be a busy day for the 3 of them. They have paperwork in the morning, are picking up Jada’s passport in the afternoon, and have a quick trip to the Dr.’s office for Jada’s check up in the evening.

Josianne has been very helpful and still plans to get them out of Lebanon very soon. Jonathan says we will have to wait and see.
Blessings to all!

Friday, January 26, 2007

And We're........Off?

Our journey to bring Jada home begins in the morning! Our plane leaves Little Rock @ noon. We will be traveling to Atlanta and then to Paris before arriving in Beirut around 4pm Sunday (Beirut is 8 hrs ahead of AR). Our actual flight time is approx 20 hrs. Josianne is to meet us @ the airport to pick us up.
Our hotel is Century Park Hotel in Kaslik, NE of Beirut-about 20kms. If you want to look it up it's .
Our plan is to return home Feb 8th. With the riots going on in the city, Josianne said she would try to get us out of Lebanon earlier than expected. If she works hard enough, a lot earlier!! But we will see how the process goes so not to get too excited!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We got an email from Jada telling us she is ready to come home!!! Josianne emailed us and said the signatures were complete and we could come over any time, although she recommend we wait to see if the riotting continues. We are going to leave ASAP so that we will be assured of getting into the country. If we get in, we can get out with Jada. If Hezbollah takes control of the govt, all our paperwork could be voided and we might never see Jada.
We will try and keep everyone up-to-date as we travel on our journey. Hopefully we can post new pics of Jada and us while in country!
Please keep us in your prayers! We are confident of God's protection!

Friday, January 5, 2007


The Wait to Depart

We have waited patiently-and impatiently-on the call that tells us we can go over and hold our precious little girl and begin the journey home. We are in almost constant contact with our lawyer in Lebanon, Josianne. She is the one who represents us in the Lebanese judicial system and gives us updates on Jada and the ever-anticipated pictures.
Jada is being cared for by a widowed woman and her two grown children. They care for about eight children a year who are given up for adoption.

Jada's First Check-up!

Jada went for her first check-up on the 17th of October. She weighed 3.2 kgs. We were glad to see a clean office in the background since we have no idea of her environment. The pictures show she took it all in stride!

Check-up Pics!

Jada's First Pictures

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Born of an Email

Jada came into our world via an email October 12, 2006. There in the Coker-Hampton birthing ward (otherwise known as the front office) Rachel and I laid eyes on our new baby girl, weighing 2.7 kgs and being 51 cm long, born a day earlier! It wasn't long before every female in the entire pharmacy/gift shop was craming into the small office to see her picture!
Rachel and I finally had a face to all our work the past 3+ years. We were excited to share our joy with our family and friends!