Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Summer is my favorite time of year, and I think the kids are going to agree with me. This is their first year to experience being able to play outside in the dirt, truly enjoying a swimming pool, Bible School, the simple joy of a shovel & bucket, wagons, and the list goes on. On the days that I'm off work we cover most of the previous list. Bible School was a lot of fun this year. I was responsible for the crafts (which was a first), and I really enjoyed it! Ian played in the nursery and Jada participated in music, crafts, missions, snack, and of course recreation. Jada spent a lot of time with our friend Joy who was one of her teachers, and we still her say "Joy-ee", "Joy-ee" with a huge smile on her face. Jonathan & Ryan were able to go to work earlier every morning so that they could be there to help out each evening from 6-8:30, and it was such a joy to serve with them.

This past month we were also able to go to Springfield to visit Cory, Jen, Will & Sam. Oh, & the soon to be born Gentry Madison! It was good to get to see their new home and to attend church with them. Now we can visualize their lives a little better.

Jonathan is busy finishing up the wheat harvest, and that means it's time to get busy planting the rice and soybeans that need to be in the ground behind it. Farmers are having a really hard time making a living these days ( as are many vocations), but we trust God for our future and pray for His guidance to make wise decisions. It's such a blessing to be in the farming environment where we as Christians get to experience daily the process of sowing and reaping. It's a wonderful reminder that "the harvest is ready", and are we working!

We look forward to the summer days ahead!