Monday, June 11, 2007

Sam and Will Visit Jada!

Sam and Will came over to Jada's house to play while Grammy mowed her yard. They found enough to keep them entertained for a while, including snooping around the house. Sam wanted to watch a movie but they settled on listening to music to keep them busy.

Jada's First Swim!

Being born on the Med Sea must have made Jada LOVE the water! She loved her first swim in a pool and likes to be in the water whenever she can! We think she is going to be a fish!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Growing Up Way Too Fast!

Jada has mastered the art of crawling and sitting up and is getting ever-quicker at pulling herself up on whatever is close. She is now becoming disinterested in her toys and more interested in power cords and other stuff she shouldn't get into. She acts like she knows what "no" means, so we're sure it won't be long until she tries to convince us she doesn't know the meaning of the word!