Thursday, November 6, 2008

Over the past 2 months Jada has turned two, and we can officially say that she has entered the terrible two's- although she's been there for a few months already:) Ian has learned to find those things that bring Jada joy, present them to her, and then run in the opposite direction laughing has hard as he can. It's really quite fun to watch.
We had an opportunity to go to the Memphis Zoo and both kids loved the animals. Ian referred to the lions and tigers as "cats"- they're his favorite! Jada liked the pandas and the giraffes.
We had our annual Fall Festival on the 31st of October. Jada was a ballerina and Ian wore a Arkansas Razorback jersey. Their favorite thing was jumping on the air-up toys. They did this with their cousin Sawyer for 2 hours straight!
We look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas! It's so fun teaching them about the holidays and why we celebrate. We pray God's joy and peace are real to you as we approach these special days. Even though some have sad memories during these days, there is such comfort in being reminded that our God is still in control!