Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grumbling or Disputing!

As I read and re-read Philippians 2:14 "Do all things without grumbling or disputing" I am convicted of how many times a day I have to ask God to forgive me of this very sin!  I have found myself this morning telling the kids to stop arguing, play sweetly, be loving, stop complaining, share, share, share, and share!  I wonder if God feels the frustration with me that I feel with the kids.  Does He ever want to throw His arms up in surrender?  Thankfully, I know the answer. His mercies are new every morning, and his grace is enough for all my failures. 
I guess today God is working on the part of me that grumbles and the part of me that does not embrace the humble and quiet spirit that I am called to in 1 Peter 3:4. I know that God is good and that I am blessed, it's just that I don't always act like it.  My words and my thoughts show that I am not focused on the eternal and that's when I become the grumbler who has a loud spirit. 
This past week we said good-bye to my sweet Grandma, and just thinking about her legacy has really convicted me of the previous struggles I guess.  It was such a blessing to be able to let her go knowing that she was going home!  My memories of her include those of her taking me to church, reading the Bible to me, teaching me to cook, letting me go with her to visit and take care of the elderly or widowed, and watching her love her children and grandchildren by word and deed.  She loved the Lord and her words proved her faith.  Her spirit was always humble and quiet and that's what made her so comforting to all she came in contact with.  She left a legacy that will be handed down for many generations to come!  I pray that someday my grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren can say the same of me, and that God's great love is thought of just at the mention of my name.