Saturday, February 3, 2007

Home In A Flash!

Rachel, Jada, and I have made it home safe and sound! The plane ride home was very good until the last leg (Cincinnati to LR). Jada finally got tired and let her lungs do the talking. It only lasted about thirty minutes but seemed like an eternity to us.
Jada is getting some Grammy time. She actually didn't even get out of her car seat to come in the house. Rachel and I are going to catch up on some much needed rest. When we arrived in Lebanon on Sunday (1/28), we went immediately to get Jada. Rachel and I never got to catch up on our rest and recouperate from the flight, so now that we are home we are finally going to get some rest. We have the best bed in the world!
We will post memories and events of our short stay in Jounieh, Lebanon, and the days that were filled to capacity to bring us all home quickly!
Thank everyone for your prayers while we were away. If only you all could have been there to actually see them working and God moving the people there to help us- even if they didn't actually know it was Him!
We will post the pictures that we have (some have to be developed) and want to share with you the first moments we laid eyes on her, captured on video. Unfortunately we weren't able to take a lot of pictures of her while we were there b/c we were busy trying to get her home, but we still have lots of film!
Once again thank you all and we will see you in a couple of days after we have rested up. Rachel and I feel Jada is a "precious gift" from God and we want to share her with all of you who have shared a part of yourself with us! We want to give all the glory to God, who worked it out in His time!
Oh, and she really really does love her daddy!!!!! Wait til you see those big blues eyes and her smile!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Coming Home!!!

Everyone is so excited with anticipation of coming home! The visa and paperwork have all been acquired. They are on their way to the airport and are scheduled to leave Beirut at 2 am Saturday (6pm Friday in AR) and arrive in LR at 5:20 pm Saturday.

Jada is much better and back on her formula.
We continue to pray for their safety and ease of travel with Jada in flight (approx. 24 hrs.).

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Plans for Departure

Ok, here is the latest plan for departure - Friday at 8am Jonathan will pick up Jada's visa, their tickets are booked for 2am Saturday morning, and they should arrive in Little Rock at 5:30pm Saturday. Rachel is concerned that Jada may not be ready to fly, since she was sick yesterday and is still sick today. So please pray specifically for her quick recovery and for Rachel & Jonathan not to be sick. Thanks for all your prayers! We, the family, are truly grateful to everyone.