Thursday, April 3, 2008

Slow down Ian!

Since we went to Uncle Brian & Aunt Janet's in February little Ian has entered that stage where he is changing almost daily. Since we just went through this with Jada it is fresh on our minds to remember to enjoy each new day. While we were in California he started pulling up, but now he is moving from one piece of furniture to another. He climbs on anything he can, and the other day I watched him step up on a container in the bathroom and leverage himself into the tub! His words are still very limited. "Da Da" comes out often, "Ma Ma" only when he's crying and "Ba Ba" when he's acting silly. But when you hear Jada Kathryn talk it's no wonder why he has nothing to say....she says it all ( ABC's, B.I.B.I (L).E, EIEIO, Lebanon, please, thank you,love ewe (you), no ma'am, mower (more), and it goes on). It's been fun to actually hear Ian's sweet little voice and I look forward to hearing it more.

Ian & Jada now play together. Jada will hide behind the couch, and when Ian goes to find her she'll get tickled and say "Pee-pie". She'll then run to hide behind something else and this scene continues over and over again. It's precious.

Yesterday on the way home from Stuttgart (20 minutes) Ian had cried for most of the trip, which usually Jada does but not this day. All of the sudden the noise stops and I look in my rear view mirror to see a smile on Jada's face, so I quickly look over my shoulder and she has her little fingers holding Ian's little fingers ( they are on opposite sides of the car and facing opposite directions). Jada then proceeds to sweetly say "E N" (Ian), and I hear him laugh. I thanked God for the sweet joy that comes from those moments.

My work at Coker-Hampton has been busy with a new computer system, but I enjoy it. Jonathan will be in the field more now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer...he's ready! I've already been enjoying the smell of fresh dirt for a few weeks now. We look forward to what God has for us this Spring.