Sunday, February 3, 2008

7 years, 32 years, 29 years, 15 months, & 6 months

A lot has happened in one month. Jonathan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage! We were able to go and spend a few days in Memphis while Grammy watched Ian and MiMi Martha watched Jada-thank you again! We ate some really good food and had a great time just hanging out together!

Jonathan celebrated his 32nd birthday and I celebrated my 29th. Time flys by so fast! I'm almost finished with my Marriage and Family class, Jonathan was able to spend some time duck hunting with Ryan and some friends from Illinois- they had a great time.

At 15 months Jada is running around speaking all kinds of jibberish. Some of which we can understand and the rest we just act like we do. She loves to act silly- Jacque thinks she's a commedian. Ian is 6 months now and we're reminded how fast babies grow that first year...he's army crawling, sitting up on his own, reaching for everything in sight, and munchin' down on some baby food- yuck!

Enjoy the pics!