Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jada Kathryn is #1!

We can't believe that around this time last year we received a call telling us that there had been a baby girl born and asking us if we wanted her! Our response was an immediate yes, and now we have a precious little girl to hug and kiss every day- what a blessing.

Jada had a great time celebrating her birthday with some of her favorite people. MiMi Martha made a yummy cake, and Jada enjoyed unwrapping all the sweet gifts that were given by everyone- thank you! Enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Growing, Growing, Growing!

Ian is growing so fast. He can now roll over on his side if he works really hard. This past week he grabbed a toy that was hanging above him and then he proceeded to suck on it. He likes to hold his little hands together in front of his face....this is really sweet b/c it looks like he's praying. And within the past few weeks he has begun to smile and laugh. We know Ian is just getting started, and that makes each day so special.